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beers_not_doers's Journal

Beers, Not Doers
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Some people seem to be "doers" -- they like to set goals and achieve things.

Other people are more like "be-ers" -- they prefer to act out of their immediate interests, instead of through a mediating layer of "shoulds."

This community is for beers who have been indoctrinated with overachiever tendencies, which cause them to feel unfulfilled and discontent because they are not living up to what they believe they are supposed to be accomplishing. Such people might have periodic urges to drop everything and go to grad school, or might feel depressed because they want to be a novelist but never even seem to have time to wash their dishes, or they might feel like they should be trying harder to get promoted even though their job is already challenging enough. This community is here to suggest that maybe these are externally-imposed, misleading motivations, and that maybe letting go of these and simply "being" is OK.

Also, hey, beers.