Ratha (papertygre) wrote in beers_not_doers,

effortless effort preferable to intense lacklustering

From a post of this morning by rinku:

effortless effort (the type of thing where value-creation is an addiction and cannot be stopped even if a person wanted to do so) is the hero, intense lacklustering (the type of thing where a person is lazy, unhappy, miserable, but knows it and endlessly complains about it but does nothing to change it) is the villain. effortless effort is so great -- you don't even have to think about it that much, even if you didn't instruct yourself to do anything on a given day, you would do much better than if you were an intense lacklusterer who *commanded* yourself over and over to get to work and be happy but then failed for the millionth time and just wasted the day on tv or hateful thoughts or whatever else it is that you don't like yourself to do and want to change about yourself.

I think this observation helps show how the approach of Being as opposed to Doing need not be vegetative. If you are in the habit of creating, then you will create as a matter of effortless being. But if you try to force yourself through external commandments to accomplish things that are not of core value to you, then you will be scattered and divided and pulled from your center and unhappy. And will probably not succeed at the doing you intended, anyway.
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