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Goals and their relation to Being

When I was in high school, and college, I was really focused on doing. A big part of that, for me, was setting goals for myself. These ended up being really long term things like "get into a good school" "get a graduate degree" and even "get married". I haven't really run out of long term goals. I'd like to be a parent. I'd like to progress in my career. However, I don't want to do any of these things right now. And really, other than keeping myself healthy and doing my job well, there's nothing I can focus on in my downtime to prep myself.

When you're a student, every good grade you get, every test you ace, every class you pass, is an accomplishment that you can measure and see and appreciate. These goals are clear and easy to see and largely preset for you, and there's an endstate. It can be hard to have a sense of accomplishment in the every day routine for people who are accustomed to more visible achievements.

Can you be a Beer and not a Doer and still set goals? Are goals a Doer thing. Who gets better mileage out of goals? Meeting goals gives you a sense of accomplishment. Maybe people that are better beers have a better ability to derive satisfaction out of smaller tasks, little acheivements. Maybe those of us who are recovering doers should set intentional short goals as a sort of training exercise.
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